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EASY GUIDE TO PHILIPPINE INCOME TAX DEDUCTIBLES iBOOK  is published in tandem with its printed version - BIR ISSUANCES Income Tax - Allowable Deductions @Php585.00 per copy.  To get the printed copy, follow any of these options:


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The latest edition of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997 by Anvil Publishing is now available at all branches of National Book Store.

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Pinoytax eClinic Learning Course

PINOYTAX eCLINIC Learning Course - Questions Updates Advisory Solutions Help (QUASH)

Pinoytax e-Clinic offers its "QUASH YOUR TAX BURDEN LEARNING COURSE" where the participants can ask Questions Updates Advisory Solutions Help (QUASH).  The course is most relevant to business owners, decision makers, tax managers, planners, tax agents, lawyers, CPAs, students and all persons who wish to be unburdened from the complexity of Philippine taxation.

The participant can choose from among the TWENTY-FOUR  (24) MODULES (VisitPnoytaxeClinicLearningCourse to suit the participant's needs, convenience in time and place since the program can even be done through SKYPE video conference . 

VENUE:  PINOYTAX e-Clinic Learning Center Option No. 1 - Suite 506, 5th Flr. Pasda Mansion, No. 77 Panay Ave. Cor Timog, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, or Option No. 2 -  thru SKYPE video conference.  

To view the location, click Location View of Pasda Mansion, 1103 -

DAY SESSION:  Any day except Sunday.  Time duration is flexible depending on the option that the participant will choose.  For more details, visitPnoytaxeClinicLearningCourse

RESOURCE PERSON/LECTURER/TRAINOR/FACILITATOR:  Former BIR OIC Deputy Commissioner and book author Danilo A. Duncano

For more details, contact the following Pinoytax Book Distributors/Service Providers::

Tintin Mobile No. +639302847580 or email to
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Dandy Mobile No. +639274538080 or email to
Terence Mobile No. +639154020415 or email to
Dante Mobile No. +639177000768

Bring a friend, ENJOY THE GROUP DISCOUNT AND GET BATCH CASH REFUND (VisitPnoytaxeClinicLearningCourse!

Through an updated tax education, Pinoytax can help the participants keep the most of their money without breaking the tax law!  VisitPnoytaxeClinicLearningCourse

Tax knowledge = tax savings + more earnings + more wealth + stress-free lifestyle!

Pinoytax Live Lecture!

All About Fringe Benefits and Tax Deductible Items Certified Best Seller
When : April 4 & 5, 2013
              Thursday & Friday
              1.5 days - starts at 9:00am

Where: The Peninsula Manila
              Makati City, Philippines

Eliminate all the confusion and settle once and for all what tax-free fringe benefits, “de minimis” benefits, and allowable tax deductions your employees and your business can enjoy.

In this 1.5 day seminar, we’ll update you with the latest regulations, provide you with examples and tax rulings, and show you the right computations on everything you can deduct legally to save on taxes.

This is very useful in your compensation planning for your employees and tax planning for your business. Be a tax-shield thinker and learn to maximize the use of your financial resources smartly!

This program is MCLE Accredited.

Best Saving Strategies on Estate, Donor's & Inheritance Taxes Certified Best Seller
When : February 22 & 23, 2013
              Friday & Saturday
              1.5 days - starts at 9:00am

Where: The Peninsula Manila
              Makati City, Philippines

When death strikes a property or a business owner, heirs suffer. Huge estate taxes have financially wiped out many family fortunes. The best time to prepare for this is when you are still alive. Outsmart the tax system legally with the right estate planning guide our experts will share with you.

Learn the secrets of tax-savvy rich families who are able to save millions of avoidable taxes with the right tax exempt and tax saving strategies in the transfer and disposition of their assets to their families and the next generation. We will teach you novel asset protection strategies, including solutions and remedies to unlock frozen assets due to unpaid taxes. Best of all, when you know the correct method of valuation of your property, you can deal fairly and squarely with the tax authorities.

This program is MCLE Accredited.

Optimizing Tax Savings for Real Estate Transactions Certified Best Seller
When : March 14 & 15, 2013
              Thursday & Friday
              1.5 days - starts at 9:00am

Where: The Peninsula Manila
              Makati City, Philippines

In this special tax planning program, you will learn the trade secrets on how you can save millions on income tax, value-added tax, withholding tax, donor's tax, documentary stamp tax, and all other relevant taxes in all your real estate transactions.

Gain valuable insights, creative ways, and best practices in implementing effective tax minimization strategies. Learn about updates and new regulations from our featured lecturer and book author of 23 taxation books Danilo A. Duncano. Pre-registered and pre-paid participants in this seminar will get a complimentary copy of his Real Property Transactions Handbook.

This program is MCLE Accredited.

Tax-Exempt Transactions and Preferential Tax Treatments Certified Best Seller
When : May 9 & 10, 2013
              Thursday & Friday
              1.5 days - starts at 9:00am

Where: The Peninsula Manila
              Makati City, Philippines

In this 1.5 day special seminar, expert tax practitioner and author of 23 taxation books, Danilo A. Duncano, CPA, will reveal to you all the applicable laws on tax exempt transactions and those with preferential tax treatments as he share with you relevant BIR issuances even those dating back to 1940s that are still in effect and very useful so you can take advantage and save on your income tax, VAT, estate and donor’s tax, documentary stamp taxes and many more!

Whether you are in business, an NGO, or a school, this program is guaranteed to reduce your tax burden! You might be paying for what you are not supposed to pay. Attend and discover!

This program is MCLE Accredited.